Pennridge Rams Football

2017 Rams Football Camp

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Rita's Water Ice
Join the 2017 Rams football team at Rita's On Wednesday August 9th from 6-9 PM.
Jagger Hartshorn's five-TD effort paces Pennridge
Author: Joe Fite [ The Intellagencer ]
WEST NORRITON — In the dark and quiet of his bedroom Friday night, Pennridge senior quarterback Jagger Hartshorn probably went over in his mind what he wanted to accomplish in Saturday's season-opener at Norristown. But in his wildest dreams,
Hartshorn runs for 5 TDs, Pennridge rolls past Norristown
Author: Dennis C. Way [ ]
WEST NORRITON >> Last year did not end pleasantly for Pennidge’s football team, which saw its postseason hopes dashed in the season’s final weekend. The 2016 season, however, is off to a flying start, as Saturday afternoon’s 49-20 win ove