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Lloyd "Poppy" Yoder
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Remembering Lloyd Poppy” Yoder


By Tom GilliganPennridge H.S. Class of 1971


2012 marks the 40th anniversary of Poppy Yoder Field.


Lloyd Yoder was a teacher ithe Pennridge School District. He was the father of 12 children– two of his own and 10 adopted Amerasian children. He anhis wife Viola raised their family in what became known as Welcome House, which wastarted by author Pearl S. Buck in Dublin.


Mr. Yoder was known fohis respect of others and for his belief that there is the potential fogood in every person.Character, zest for life, respect foothers, dedicatioto the teaching profession, and love oGod are synonymous with the name Lloyd Yoder, or as he was lovingly nicknamed, Poppy Yoder. He deeply touched all who had the privilege of knowing him. Poppy made each person with whom he came into contact feel important. His ability to find good in each person was a gift, a gift he shared daily.


Although Mr. Yoder was an outstanding educator, hiinfluence stretched beyond the classroom through his guidance, love, and discipline, as well as his belief in the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. It’s a great principle to live by, even today.


Most importantly, Poppy Yoder operated with consistency. What you saw was what you got. Students loved himHwas tough but he was fair, and he was loving, too.


The Pennridge football field was rededicated in honor and memory of Poppy Yoder on Friday, September 22, 1972. Thousands witnessed the ceremony before a 27-7 Pennridge football victory over SoudertonPoppy Yoder was also inducted into the Pennridge-Quakertown Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.


November 11, 2012 marks the 45th anniversary of Lloyd Poppy Yoders death. He was only 62 years old when he died. If you knew himyou loved him. If you were taught by him, you remembered him. He left a lasting impact in many ways: as a father, teacher, friend, coach, Christian, role model, and man.


Thank you, Poppy Yoder, for whyou were and what you still mean to us even today.


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